Best Legal Accounting Software for Small & Large Law Firms

bookkeeping software for small law firm

Clio even integrates with word processing software, so you can create and edit docs with familiar programs and save them to Clio with one click. Yes, most versions of QuickBooks Online let you create unique user IDs and customize access levels for anyone on your team so they can work in your legal accounting software with their own login. We searched and searched, but we couldn’t find any products
in our database that match your criteria.

Get a demo today and learn how AltFee can make a difference in your law firm. With FreshBooks there are no contracts, and you’re not locked into an agreement. For example, in Xero, you can easily edit the layouts of your financial reports to prioritize what’s most relevant for your firm.

Matter-Centric Billing

QuickBooks is not law-firm-specific, so while a great application, it may lack some of the legal-specific functions your firm requires. When it comes to choosing the right system for your law firm, you really need to consider best accounting software for attorneys. You also need a law firm bookkeeping system that can fit the needs of your firm while being flexible enough to change and grow as you and your team evolves. Don’t feel pressured to adopt just any system that fits the minimums, give it a test drive to make sure that it fully meets all of your critical requirements.

  • TimeSolv also offers a six-month money-back guarantee for those who purchase the service but are not happy with it.
  • The software offers advanced reporting, including origination reports for new-business incentives, allocation reports, matter budgets, and team and matter productivity.
  • It’s actually completely cloud-based, so you don’t have to install it on a computer, rather it’s accessed online through a browser.
  • Below, you’ll find a short breakdown of some of the more popular options for accounting software for law firms.
  • As a solo practitioner or small law firm owner, you have more important things to do with your time than manage your books.
  • You can use this software to make it easy to produce financial reports and statements and monitor your business performance.
  • Clio Manage even has a feature specifically for trust accounting management.

Just start a timer and get down to business — when you’re done, you’ll have an accurate time log ready to pop onto an invoice. And when your team uses FreshBooks accounting software, everyone’s productivity is in one clear place. While there are many law firm accounting options to choose from, the key is to look for options that have the features that matter most to your firm. For tips on data security for law firms and how to vet potential providers of cloud-based services for security, read our law firm security guide. Dealing with spreadsheets or manual accounting is time-consuming and leaves you at increased risk of human error. Suppose  you choose accounting software that automatically syncs payroll functionality with time-tracking and expense apps.

The best Legal Accounting Software for Canadian Law Firms ProFix

Zoho Books is a recommended product for companies that are already using other Zoho products, like Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects. Another perk of the Zoho Books software is that it supports more payment gateway options than other accounting tools. Additional features include an accounting of all operating and trust accounts with triple reconciliation. Get a free demo and see why the most successful small law firms use Smokeball to manage and grow their business. I helped switch us from Quicken (the PERSONAL accounting software) to QuickBooks Online.

In addition, the reconciliation is made between the client’s trust account, client ledgers, and bank statement. A law firm can know how much they earn and avoid the issues of accounts being overdrawn. The good news is with affordable options, legal accounting software doesn’t have to undermine your law firm revenue. Not to mention, when used in tandem with law practice management software, accounting software for lawyers can actually help your law firm generate more revenue.

Best Legal Accounting Software for Lawyers

In this roundup post, we suggested that FreshBooks is the best law practice management software overall, as it’s a suitable solution for solo accountants, lawyers, and small and medium-sized business owners. If document management is vital to your legal accounting software, opt for ESILaw or Clio. Keep in mind that PC Law does not offer any document management features.

bookkeeping software for small law firm

You might consider LexWorkplace, document management software born in the cloud, built for law firms. This is not to say one method is better than the other; rather it makes defining and understanding the classes of law firm accounting software important. Accountants can use it to manage clients and track time across different client accounts. Features like smart insights and reports help you retain your most profitable clients, get paid on time, and see how you’re doing compared to competitors. You can even automate everything with auto-billing and automated payment reminders.

You can automatically share intake forms and get documents signed online. In regards to security, Clio’s cloud-based allows you to store sensitive information on your computer while being accessible to you anywhere. Find more of what you need with these tools, resources, and solutions.

bookkeeping software for small law firm

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